Our Services

Wainstalls Partnership

We offer consulting, research, learning & development, and advisory services, including strategic and non-executive governance.

We work with commercial, professional, public and third sector organizations.

Advisory and Research

We have a wealth of experience in consulting, advisory services and research.

Community Development and Community Asset Transfer

Wainstalls Partnership offers services to support Community Development, and particularly Community Asset Transfers (CATs). We work with local Authorities and community groups.

Learning & Development

We work mainly in the field of Action Learning.

Sustainability, PRME and the United Nations Global Compact

We have worked with organizations and with the United Nations, particularly around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and the UN Global Compact. We can help with planning, reporting and implementation.

Anglo-China Publishing

Anglo-China publishing is a division of Wainstalls Partnerships, which offers publishing services generally and for China-based acadamic publishers, organizations, and scholars, working closely with the NCUK International Centre Hangzhou.

Previous clients include:

    • Informa plc; Project development on the Sustainable Development Goals Online collection; acquisition integration of Greenleaf Publishing
    • Bertoli Mitchell LLP: Part of the team supporting Bertoli Mitchel LLP ; specialist advisors on mergers, acquisitions, divestments, alliances and strategy in publishing and related industries
    • Cambridge Scholars Publishing Limited: A range of strategic and operational support services, including market and business development, to the Board of Cambridge Scholars
    • IGI Global: Consulting advice on the journals and books portfolios for IGI Global
    • OKS International Ltd: Strategy and governance, including non-executive Board membership of the UK-based subsidiary of OKS Group
    • GSE Research Limited: Non-exec Board representation, including working with external funding partners, and advising on acquisition and divestment. GSE was acquired by Informa plc in 2017
    • University of Western Scotland: China student recruitment for UWS
    • Aurora/Nottingham Trent University: Support on the China Publishing Group Masters programme at NTU

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